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Floridians Rally To Tally:

Thank you all for joining us on the steps of the Capitol yesterday January 16, 2007.

It was a great opportunity to have our voice heard by the leaders of this State. We were disappointed that we were unable to address the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee. We want to thank Senator Rhonda Storms for her valiant effort to allow us to speak yesterday. We as homeowners are mostly new to the “process” of how these committees are run and just want relief from high insurance premiums.

On our bus ride home yesterday I spent several hours making calls and getting our next plan into action. I will tell you more but first a little about whom I spoke with. My first call was to Senator Victor Crist who was responsible for the podium and microphone that was NOT present when we arrived. I expressed our disappointment that “We” the people were totally forgotten about even thought I had confirmed our Rally several times with his staff and with him in person last Thursday. He apologized profusely saying it was a staff error and that he too is being affected by the high insurance rates along with his family. I then went on to tell him about or day in Tallahassee and about our future goals and requested that to regain our confidence that he fight for us when the doors are closed in Special Session. My next call was to Senator Mike Fasano. I also expressed to Senator Fasano our disappointment in not being able to have our voices heard in the Committee Meeting. Senator Fasano assured me that it was not due to the fact they didn’t want to hear us that the “process” of these committee meetings have been run the same way for many years. I was later informed that our names were called to testify hours after we had left. Senator Fasano realizes we are very skeptical of that process and I explained to him that is because we feel let down by the whole “process” and outcomes of the past.

My next call was to Bill Newton with FCAN. He spent the day working on the House side. He had some good news to report to us. We (HAC and the Coalition) have been working toward introducing an amendment to have Prior Rate Review for the insurance industry. This is the part where we want the insurance companies to “ASK” for a raise verses getting one first, then asking if it was “OK”. We have some support in the Senate but non so far in the House. HAC and the Coalition has sent out copies of this proposed Bill to our State Representatives and are asking all of you to e-mail and call their offices in Tallahassee asking them to support this amendment. It is called the “Prior Rate Approval” amendment. It is a small step in closing the loopholes in the possibility of decreases that we may receive after the Special Session.

So…here’s your homework. You can type in your zip code and find your State Representative. E-mail them and ask for their support on this proposed Bill for Prior Rate Approval. Do it TODAY…DO IT NOW! Once the doors are closed to Special Session our chance to get this introduced is gone!

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