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Below are links to forms or to actual email addresses from some of Florida's major newspapers:

The Florida Times Union

Florida Today

The Miami Herald
The Herald values its readers' letters. We receive far more than we can print, so we try to publish the most representative, interesting, and provocative. To give more readers a say, we condense letters. And we do not publish letter writers more often than once per 60 days. Letters must bear the writer's name, full address, and daytime phone number.

Orlando Sentinel
To be considered for publication, your letter should be brief and to the point and must include your name, address and daytime and evening telephone numbers. Letters of all lengths will be considered, but letters in the 200-250-word range or shorter are preferred. Letters also will be edited for facts, grammar and length.
We do not publish poetry, unsigned letters or letters under pseudonyms.

The St. Petersburg Times

Tallahassee Democrat

The Tampa Tribune