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Florida Homeowners Allstate Insurance Problems


So says Jan at Cyber Citizens for Justice:

Please let everybody know about a trick that the property insurance industry is playing. It's one of the reasons why Governor Charlie Crist pushed for the emergency order:

Insurance companies like ALLSTATE write policy holders a letter stating that they are not renewing their policy! But - good news - they know a company willing to insure the risk - like for example Royal Palm. Only problem: Much more expensive! Actually this company is affiliated with ALLSTATE -- and they are just circumventing the law that ALLSTATE would have to apply for a raise of premium. Royal Palm doesn't!

So, here you go, even if it's much more expensive, but you need to have insurance!

But, at the moment ALLSTATE can't cancel your policy -- thanks to our Governor -- and they come back later and offer you a policy renewal, but only for a 10-day window!

Here is the conclusion of an owner who went through this insurance game:

Floridian would issue me a policy I could examine for 30 days. This would give me the actual cost to renew (which still might be half the cost) and I can cancel the Royal Palm policy thus saving me about 1800 bucks. I will let you know all the facts and figures when push comes to shove.

The main reason we need to let people know about this is; I think Allstate is banking on those chosen few, who fall into a “certain-certain” date, will not ask for a renewal in the 10 day window. Anyone who receives a letter of rescission on the non-renewal, should order out a policy or stand to lose several hundred dollars!

So, please be on your toes and watch your money! The insurance industry hasn't given up trying to fleece you.

Allstate says "Thanks for all the home owners insurance premiums. See you later"

A reader by the name of Kathie sent us this recently:

My 90 year old mother's homewoners insurance with Allstate was recently cancelled.  All they are insuring is contents only and minimal at that.  She has had her auto, property and jewelry policies with Allstate since 1969.   Several other tenants in her condo have Allstate and they were not cancelled.  She was offered Univeral, but with no policy form or pricing as to what to expect.  She is on fixed income as is most of the elderly people in Florida.  Please advise what I can do to ensure my mother can keep Allstate as her insurance carrier.

Kathie's mother's story is the sort of thing that the media would lap up:

Big Insurance Company Causes Distress For 90 Year Old Woman!

Roy Howard contacted us about his poor treatment at Allstate's "good hands":

Our house burned in October 2009. Allstate's actions were so bad that I had to write a song and produce a video about it. I hope to embarrass Allstate into becoming the company they pretend to be. It is "Allstate: Where Are Those Good Hands?" Here is the link:

Video about Allstate Insurance's treatment of this homeowner whose house burned.

He said: "I am doing this as a public service. One of my famous music friends hired 2 of his expensive attorneys to review it (as a gift to me!). He told me that there should be no income stream from youtube so that  I will not be liable for logo/copyright infringement. I told him: no worries. I'm just doing it in the hope that others will not have to go through what we did."


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