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Alternative Florida Property Insurance Companies
Insurance Companies taking insurance policies off Citizens. They may do Home insurance quotes.

Having Affordable coverage FL (HAC or H.A.C.)
HAC Formed with the aim of resolving Homeowner's insurance Issues in FL.

Lower Homeowners Insurance Premiums
Tips on getting your homeowner's insurance quotes lower and cheaper policy premiums.

Proposed Solutions to the Florida Insurance Crisis
There are many ideas about resolving the Florida housing insurance coverage problems.

Florida Insurance Broker Problems
There are issues with insurance agents in Fla.

Florida Insurance Broker Windfall Profits
Are Florida Insurance Agents Making More Money From High Homeowner's Insurance Premiums?

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Google Ads are provided by Google and are not selected or endorsed by This Site.

Hurricane Insurance

The main peril in most of Florida, is hurricanes.

In 2006 , most forecasters were caught by surprise by a strong, late-developing El Nino and predictions of a busy season never materialized.

The El Nino is characterized by warm Pacific Ocean water temperatures. It usually results in a quiet Atlantic Hurricane season. That warm Pacific water dissipated in December, 2006. When temperatures in the Pacific are slightly cooler than normal, then that points to a possible La Nina, which stimulates Atlantic hurricanes.

Getting prepared for a Hurricane

Starting to make your hurricane supply list? New to the state and need to know what to buy? Visit weather.tampabay.com/hurricane/.

Keeping track

- Colorado State University forecast: hurricane.atmos.colostate.edu/.

- National Hurricane Center: www.nhc.noaa.gov/.

- National Weather Service: www.nws.noaa.gov/

AccuWeather.com (which correctly predicted a quiet hurricane season in 2006 for Florida and other states along the Gulf of Mexico.

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