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Lower Homeowners Insurance Premiums
Tips on getting your homeowner's insurance quotes lower and cheaper policy premiums.

Proposed Solutions to the Florida Insurance Crisis
There are many ideas about resolving the Florida housing insurance coverage problems.

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There are issues with insurance agents in Fla.

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Florida Homeowners Insurance Policy Holder Complaints And Comments

Florida Insurance Policy Holders Speak Up

Tammy Richardson:

Well Citizens has done it again...We have citizens written thru our StateFarm Agent ...well yesterday we recieved a check in the mail for 2385.00 - our policy we paid in full on Nov.28th,2007 in the amount of 3385.00 ...we paid in full for the year -....well I called and asked why we recieved the check yesterday, and was told "Due to Non Payment ....WTF? You sent me all but 700 dollars back, you insured me from Nov 28th, til Jan 5th, and your telling me you DIDN'T get payment yet Im holding the cancelled check from you guys??  Now You guys are going to want to re write my policy, charge me the 3300 plus again, and KEEP my 700 dollars for what...45 days worth of coverage that you said U never got paid for?? Is this a way to scam Florida homeowners out of even more money??? Im FED UP with the crap - our politicians are doing NOTHING to stop the insurance scams going on.

Allstate Insurance says "Thanks for all the home owners insurance policy premiums. See you later"

A reader by the name of Kathie sent us this recently:

My 90 year old mother's homeowners insurance with Allstate was recently cancelled.  All they are insuring is contents only and minimal at that.  She has had her auto, property and jewelry policies with Allstate since 1969.   Several other tenants in her condo have Allstate and they were not cancelled.  She was offered Univeral, but with no policy form or pricing as to what to expect.  She is on fixed income as is most of the elderly people in Florida.  Please advise what I can do to ensure my mother can keep Allstate as her insurance carrier.

See our Allstate Homeowners Insurance page for more information on this company's behavior. Kathie's mother's story is the sort of thing that the media would lap up, Big Insurance Company Causes Distress For 90 Year Old Woman.

Citizens Insurance Policy Canceled For Paying Too Much Premium

My friend sent me, and about a hundred other people, the following email on August 10, 2007:

Can anyone recommend the steps I should take getting an answer to this???

I had my homeowners insurance policy with Citizens. I got a check yesterday in the mail for close to the amount of the premium I had paid.

I called my agent and asked what this check was for...who informed me that citizens STATES that they sent a notification it was going to cancel...but they DIDN'T, nor did my insurance agent.

But here's the BEST part....Do you know WHY they cancelled my policy? BECAUSE I OVER PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right..I gave them TOO much money so they cancelled my policy.

Now - they said they refuse to reinstate my policy, but that they would write me another one...not for the 2700.00 that I Pay Now. BUT FOR 3700.00. only additional 1000.00...well, let me bend over and the FLORIDA INSURANCE COMPANY CAN JUST PULL IT OUT MY A$$.

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions of who i should contact about this....CITIZENS CAN NOT DO THIS!!!!

She can be one squeaky wheel when she chooses to be. Citizens may have bitten off more than they can chew this time.

A couple of days later, she told us:

Well, Citizens just called me PRO ACTIVELY called me!!!!  Apparently Governor Crists office contacted them immediately this morning after receiving my message and / or email and they will be reinstating my policy at its original rate ASAP. 

Hooray Governor Crist!!!

Moving Out of Florida

"got canceled , got screwed , got citizens , another citizen leaving the great state of Florida how sad."

So said Lance Raedle in an email to us. Let's hope he comes back.

Anthony F Granda said: That "Citizens Insur Co" screwed me up big time this year. My home insurance was skyrocketed from a roughly $2000 to $6000 what meant my morgage monthly payment also increased from $1100 to 1950, Simply put since I can't afford that "extorsion" I began looking for another job out of Florida where I've been a resident for 14 years.

PEDRO ESTALELLA JR, says: After 22 years with Allstate, it cancelled my homeowners policy, their Agent offered to quote with an alternate carrier, but as of today, 10 days before my deadline and in the height of hurricane season, issues remain and no policy is in force to replace coverage.  I've been a licensed Life & Health and Property & Casualty Agent myself for nearly 30 years. However, I chose to lapse my licenses this year, because of the state of the industry in this State, I will not prostitute myself to insurance carriers. Eventually, I will probably also sell my Florida properties and move out of the State.  There's lots of sunshine elsewhere. 

Richard Gajan:2006 Nationwide Premium - $2070 today got bill for 2007 Premium - $4305.  Doubled!!! Sick of this BS.  I'm retired and on fix income.  I too am being priced out of Florida.  Sell my home - Yea!!! That's another headline!!

From Insurance Agent,Catherine Janota, phone: 727-657-3681

Comment: Hello, my name is Catherine.  I too am fed up with the price of insurance premiums.  I have worked for companies that care more about the bottom dollar then helping out the customer.  One of the reasons I got out of the dog race and opened my own agency was to make my own rules and go beyond the "typical" insurance agency and get the lowest rate possible for my clients.  

Right now we write through 6 private companies in addition to Citizens.  One of my companies even rights Pasco and Hernando counties as well as the City of Dunedin as long as the property is 40 years old or newer and is at least 1500 feet from the Gulf.

I am writing you this letter in asking you to post a link from my web site on your web site.  I just want to get the word out, unlike many have been told, that Citizens is not the only insurer out there.  Agents tell people that when they don't have any other company to quote through, and not because there not out there, the agent just wants the business.  Again they are looking at dollar signs instead of trying to help the customer.

The first agency I worked for, about 6 years ago, I used to get in trouble because I would try to guide them to an agency that could give them lower rates instead of just writing the Citizens policy and sending them on their way.

My goal is to have at least one agent working for my agency in every county for the State.  I can write state wide, and I am not limited to select counties.  We are an Internet based agency which would give a handful of select agents who feel as I do the ability to work from their home and not under the restrictions of the big agencies.  

Thank you for your time.  Check out my web site, www.sunsetinsuranceagency.com, and help me spread the word.
Have a great Day!

If you have anything to say, please contact us.

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