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ABOUT HAC "Having Affordable Coverage"

On March 1, 2006 hundreds of people gathered at a Town Hall Meeting held at Spartan Manor in New Port Richey, Florida to hear from Pasco County leaders, Citizens Property Insurance Corp., and CFO, Tom Gallagher about the insurance crisis. Nicole Deg, a homeowner, along with many others, spoke about the rising cost of insurance. But Nicole went one step further than the others and stated that there should be a 'march on Tallahassee', even giving out her phone number over the microphone. She then began organizing a bus trip to Tallahassee and encouraged people to band together and voice their concerns, issues and problems.

On March 28, 2006 approximately 100 people paid $30 per person and rode to Tallahassee to lobby lawmakers. On that bus trip Nicole announced that she would like to form a group of people to fight the rising cost of insurance because of mismanagement, fraud, conflict of interest, incompetence, within the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and force the insurers and the government to listen to the plight of the people who were facing the possibility of losing their homes due to inability to pay their continually rising insurance premiums. She coined the name HAC-Homeowners Against Citizens (Insurance) and everyone on both busses signed up to join the organization.

Shortly after our Rally in Tally, Nicole Deg decided to run for a Pasco County Commissioner seat and so withdrew as 'leader' of the group. She felt that it might be a conflict with the organization due to HAC's non-partisan stand. (On July 21, 2006 Nicole withdrew her name as candidate for County Commissioner).

On May 2, 2006, HAC elected a temporary Board of Directors. Soon after that HAC incorporated our name as non-partisan, non-political organization, begun a statewide petition signing asking for all rate increases be rescinded back to Jan. 1, 2005 until a thorough investigation be conducted into the insurance industry in Florida, opened a bank account in the name of the organization, obtained a P. O. Box for the organization, set up a website with information about the insurance industry in Florida and a Yahoo group for informal chatting, exchange of information and ideas and have a letter writing campaign going on to Florida lawmakers and national news shows concerning our problem.

HAC has gone through many changes in the last few months including changing our name. On December 7, 2006, "Homeowners Against Citizens" changed to "Having Affordable Coverage" which truly reflects the goal of our organization. H.A.C. Florida, Inc. with over 1000 members is growing daily. Our members are actively pursuing ways to get the word out about our plight by contacting national radio and TV news programs, talk shows and any other means that we can think of. We are a young organization with a mighty goal to get the insurance industry in Florida fixed, and have our insurance rates at an affordable level for ordinary homeowners and small businesses.


For more information or to join/donate to H.A.C. Florida, Inc.,
contact us at: H.A.C., P.O. Box 395, Port Richey, FL 34673