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 Citizens Policyholders:

As of September 1, 2007 for new policies, and October 1, 2007 for renewing polices you will be able to "Opt-out" of Sinkhole Coverage (if your mortgage company will let you). The savings will vary from county to county for dropping that coverage. Pasco and Hernando are the only counties that you must
"Opt-in" to have sinkhole coverage.

Map of sinkhole occurrences in West Central Florida in 2004 from the Florida Geological Survey.

Click on the map above for the
entire State of Florida.

You won't be covered for this is you don't have sinkhole coverage.

However, you would be covered if there is catastrophic ground cover collapse and your home is deemed uninhabitable as depicted in this photo. is an excellent website devoted to sinkholes.

From's website:


Common signs (remember that this kind of sinkhole damage will not be covered if you no longer have sinkhole coverage)

Sinkhole, another very good website.

Policy Changes in Sinkhole Coverage from Citizens Website:

Sinkhole Changes for Personal Residential Multiperil Policies (pdf)

Sinkhole FAQs for Agents (pdf)

4. What is the difference between a “sinkhole” and a “catastrophic ground cover collapse”? (from Sinkhole FAQs for Agents)

A “sinkhole” is the settlement or systematic weakening of the earth supporting property covered under Section I of the policy. The settlement or systematic weakening must result from movement or raveling of soils, sediments, or rock material into subterranean voids created by the effect of water on limestone or similar rock formations.

“Catastrophic ground cover collapse” is a sudden collapse of the home rendering it uninhabitable and condemned by the local authorities. Catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage will be added to the base policy form for personal residential policies.

HAC has learned that "Catastrophic ground cover collapse" is a rare occurrence and that sinkholes are much more common, especially in Pasco and Hernando counties. Who really benefits by policyholders not having sinkhole coverage?

The 2007 Florida Statutes

627.706  Sinkhole insurance; catastrophic ground cover collapse; definitions.

Senate Bill 2498, passed during the regular 2007 legislative session, added a section to Florida Statute 627.351 which states Citizens (and only Citizens) is not required to send non-renewal notices dealing with the removal of sinkhole coverage in Pasco and Hernando Counties, but instead may use a notice of coverage change to notify policyholders of the removal of sinkhole coverage.

A website containing the database of all sinkholes in Florida.

Download the new 2006 Sinkhole Database (excel document).

 Click on the graphic above.


More Sinkhole Information:

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
Sinkhole Information.

University of Florida Extension. A good graphic description of sinkhole types. Sinkhole Information.

A "Poster" of sinkhole occurrences in Florida in 2004 from the
Florida Geological Survey (pdf)

Online hazard mapping has added Florida Sinkhole Report to its "RiskMeter Online" service.

Risk Meter Press Release.pdf

Sinkhole Risk Meter Map.pdf


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