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H.A.C. Florida, Inc., is a NON-PARTISAN, grassroots organization of concerned people fighting against the skyrocketing insurance premiums in Florida. We are fighting to have the government created "insurer of last resort" Citizens Property Insurance, and all insurance companies in Florida investigated and the return of affordable property insurance to Florida. That is our goal and mission. Property insurance in the state of Florida has become so expensive in the last three years that many homeowners are losing their homes because they can't afford their ever increasing insurance premiums. This is not only due to the insurance claims in years 2004 and 2005, but also because of mismanagement, fraud, conflict of interest, government gone wrong, incompetence and a multitude of other issues as we see it.  (HAC was originally known as "Homeowners Against Citizens" when Citizens was the only insurance provider with exorbitant rates).

This is an archived version of the HAC FL web site. Many pages and files were unable to be recovered. Please understand if a link is broken for this reason.

HAC's Points and Goals to make meaningful reductions and changes in Florida's homeowners insurance.

HAC's Goals that passed in Special Session in early 2007.

Another Good Year For The Florida Property Insurance Industry!

Initial reports show the industry had profits in Florida of at least $3.4 billion in 2007.

National Insurance Fund Could
Lower Premiums

Backers of a National Catastrophic Insurance Fund believe the time has come for the self-insurance concept for states to supplement the private market...read more.

Sinkhole Workshop

WOW! What a successful and productive workshop we had at New Port Richey's Spartan Manor! Thank you to all who attended and for the work you did on the problematic sinkhole legislation in Pasco and Hernando Counties. And a special thank you to the geologists, sinkhole engineer and the other industry experts for giving us even more insight into the sinkhole problem.

It is imperative for your voices to be heard and that you are involved in changes, not just told about the changes. HAC and FCAN look forward to working together in the future and possibly doing more workshops. 

Read the final summary of the Sinkhole Workshop.   

Sinkholes: Living on the Edge
An 8 on your side Investigation...view the clip

Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance

HAC went to 14 different insurance agents for quotes for 2 different homes, a single story block home and an elevated 2-story home. With the elevated 2-story home the different quotes were dramatic, ranging from $130,600 to $234,000...see how you can save.

This 4 room home built in 1915 which is located in West Pasco has a County assessment  value of $6387. Citizens says its replacement cost is $217,600. Could it be because tin roofs are more expensive then shingle, or is it the Italian marble tile in the foyer?

Shop and Compare Rates

State regulators unveiled a new website June 26th that should allow homeowners to shop and compare rates on home policies in all 67 Florida counties. www.ShopandCompareRates.com

Be aware that the numbers are simplified averages and don't reflect different territories within a county or many other factors that can affect the rates.

See Who's Going
Without Coverage

Click on the map to see the number of single-family homes that are going without windstorm insurance.


Saturday, April 5, 2008
NPR Public Library
5939 Main Street, New Port Richey, FL 34652 
Map of 5939 Main St, New Port Richey, FL 34652
Ph. (727) 853-1279
Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Property/Casualty Insurance in 2007:

Overpriced Insurance, Underpaid Claims, Declining Losses and Unjustified Profits

By Robert Hunter Director of Insurance Consumer Federation of America

In 2006, with no major hurricane activity coupled with premium increases, the industry set yet another profit record, estimated to be $68.1 billion...read the 28 page report (pdf).

Need for National Catastrophic Fund

Time Magazine reported June 4, 2007: 153 million people live within 50 miles of the coastline, this is more than half of the US population.

Home Insurance Hell

Why your rates are out of control
Read the article that appears in the July AARP Bulletin 

Non-Regulated Insurance Companies

Here is a list Non-Regulated Insurance Companies that are allowed to sell Homeowners Insurance in Florida. Caution: some of these companies do not give a refund if you cancel. View the list...

Regular Session Ends In Tallahassee

May 4, 2007

Thanks to everyone for their support and efforts with the "E-mail Campaign" to the Legislators during these last crucial days of the Regular Session. Below are the results with links to Cyber Citizen for Justice website.

HB 1267/SB 2498 -- Relating to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation   -- Ordered Enrolled
HB 1223/SB 2366 -- Relating to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation/Task Force  Died in Committee
HB 1307 -- PUPs, Cherry-Picking, Delete "Use&File" etc. -- Not Considered

SB 1884 -- Giving More Power to Consumer Advocate -- Died in Messages -- HOUSE
HB 7077 -- Hurricane Preparedness & Insurance
-- Ordered Enrolled

HAC would like to thank all the Coalition members for all their hard work and for keeping us well informed during the Regular Session.



HAC along with other coalition members joined together on the steps of the Old Capital Building.

Read a synopsis about the rally from HAC President, Ginny Stevans. 

Contact your Legislators and ask for their support for meaningful rate reduction.

Type in your zip code below to find your State Representative.

  Find Your Legislator
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Senators By County

You can also find your legislators below:

The Florida Senate Addresses

The Florida House Addresses

Also send emails to:
Governor Charlie Crist:
charlie.crist@myflorida.com and
Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp:
Jeff.Kottkamp@myflorida.com, thanking them for taking a stand for Florida's citizens and ask them to use their influence to keep all the consumer-friendly provisions alive!

Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate:
General Bob Milligan
Tel. (850) 413-5980
Email: bob.milligan@fldfs.com

Write a letter to the editor

Links to forms or to actual email addresses from some of Florida's major newspapers.

Visit the St. Petersburg Times SPECIAL REPORT Website: THE INSURANCE CRISIS

Visit the FloridaToday SPECIAL REPORT Website: INSURANCE STORM 2007

HAC Is a Member of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce

January 9, 2007

Consumer Coalition Calls for
Insurance Solutions

Tallahassee, Fla. Grassroots consumer groups joined together today to ask the Legislature to solve Florida’s insurance crisis.  The groups reacted to insurance company proposals and made their own recommendations.  Several of the group’s leaders testified at a hearing of the Senate Insurance Committee today. 
The groups are meeting with Legislators, regulators, and industry representatives this week in Tallahassee and one of the groups plans a massive rally at the opening of next week’s special session on insurance. 

Ginny Stevans, President of HAC, Having Affordable Coverage, said, “People have come together from all over the state because we are being forced out of our homes by high insurance rates.  It has to stop.”  Together the groups represents more than 100,000 Floridians...read more.

(Since January 9th we have join forces with even more groups and now are more than 500,000 strong). See latest press release.

is compiling personal stories of how the ever increasing insurance rates in Florida have effected peoples lives for our "Book of Tears". We want everyone to know the tragedies that are taking place here in the State of Florida.

Do you feel the increases have caused you undue
   financial hardship?
Are you retired and have had to go back to work?
Are you afraid you may go into or are in foreclosure?
Have you gone without food or medicine?
Have you taken out loans or gotten cash from your
   credit cards just to pay your insurance?

Are you concerned you may lose your small business?
Have your rates gone up 300% to 500% or even higher in
   the past three years?

Email: bookoftears@hacfl.org
Mail: H.A.C., P.O. Box 395, Port Richey, FL 34673
Fax: 727-863-7073

HAC has meet with Governor Charlie Crist and other Legislators and has given them your personal stories.
Please continue to send in your stories, they are helping to make a difference.

Florida exodus? Statistics show residents starting to leave for less costly locales

The nation's largest moving company reported 16,212 inbound shipments to Florida last year and 17,019 outbound shipments. United moved more people to Florida in each year from 1999 to 2004, but the number of inbound moves fell in 2005, spokeswoman Jennifer Bonham said.

Press Release from:
Consumer Federation of America

Insurers Increase Profits to Record Levels by Overpricing Policies and Shifting Costs to Consumers and Taxpayers, 01/08/07


From Americans for Insurance Reform

How could an $18,000 insurance premium jump to $441,000 a year...read more.

In the past seven years, we have seen our homeowners insurance go from $500 a year to our most recent bill of $5,400 per year. Our home is in New Port Richey in an area that has never had sinkhole problems...read more.

In a 20/20 Brian Ross investigation, insiders say State Farm cheated Katrina victims. Watch the video clip.

The "EXODUS" has begun!!
While homeowners and condo owners are selling their homes (if that is possible for them to do), or losing them to foreclosure, businesses are suffering and considering leaving Florida also, this is not good for the economy of Florida...read more.

State Farm isn't "Like a good neighbor" and isn't "there" for many homeowners any longer; Nationwide isn't "on your side", and we are not "in good hands" with Allstate...read more.

 A question was faxed to HAC:

Dear HAC, Please call/fax me!! I am a builder that can't get a straight answer to a simple question: "Why if I'm building at $60-$65 sq/ft. does Gov. run Citizens FORCE you to insure at $120 sq/ft??"...

Places to post your opinions and comments.

Post your comments on the St. Petersburg Times forum:
"Insurance Crisis and Solutions"

Post your comments on the the Tampa Bay Online Blog:
"The Insurance Crisis"

You can also join the HAC Yahoo Blog and post there:
The HAC Yahoo Blog

"The world is a dangerous place to live...not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."  Albert Einstein

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