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The "EXODUS" has begun!

While homeowners and condo owners are selling their homes (if that is possible for them to do), or losing them to foreclosure, businesses are suffering and considering leaving Florida also, this is not good for the economy of Florida...

Several weeks ago we had information on this page concerning one company that we had found was relocating a large portion of their company outside of Florida. Their web site Unified Marine in Naples, Florida states simply that they are expanding but it was told to us that they were citing unaffordable housing and skyrocketing insurance. We asked then, HOW MANY WOULD FOLLOW? And how many may have already left?

The face of Florida may be changing forever and it is solely due to this never ending insurance crisis that our Governor and other Florida government entities refuse to do anything about. How can they say that there is nothing they can do? There is, they just don't want to go through the trouble of doing it. There are also laws on the books that can be enforced and aren't.

They create or change laws all the time to fix problems, we specifically cite the changes to the Florida Value Policy Law by the Legislature to placate the insurance companies. Even though it had been in existence for years and had measures built in for insurance companies to recoup whatever they paid out in damages that were flood related. If they could do that for the insurance companies don't try to tell us they can't do anything for the people of Florida, we believe they can.


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