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Univision 62 is asking for Spanish
Speaking Residents!!!

Univision 62, the Tampa Bay area Spanish TV station, has asked us to help them contact Spanish speaking people that are willing to be interviewed for a story on how this insurance crisis is affecting them. The same story in English when translated over into Spanish just doesn't have the same effect. Please send your contact information (name, phone number, etc.) to this reporter Sary Rivera ( or by phone at 813-998-3667. I don't think this crisis has been covered in Spanish as yet and this is a tremendous opportunity to get the perspectives and stories in Spanish out there also!!!

Is looking for someone who had a sinkhole investigation done and no sinkhole was found.

St. Petersburg Times reporter Tom Zucco wanted us to know he is doing another story on the insurance crisis. He is looking for someone who had a sinkhole investigation done and no sinkhole was found. Please if you can be of any assistance to him contact him at
727-893-8247 or at

We are taking a long hard look at homeowners insurance in Florida and would like to contact people to profile their situations.

In many places the cost of insurance is outpacing property taxes. We’re wondering if there are people who paid-off their mortgages but can’t afford homeowners insurance and are going “naked.” 

We’re also interested in situations where people are doing without certain necessities in order to afford their insurance premiums. Perhaps there are people who are moving out of Florida altogether. 

Please let me know if anyone in your membership fits any or all of the above and would like to go on television to talk about it. 


Steve Geiger

Executive Producer, Special Projects

Fox 13 News

3213 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33609 




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