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Crist: Any insurance bill must include broad rate reduction

ST. PETERSBURG Times - January 11, 2007
"Any bill that reaches my desk must require a meaningful and broad-based rate reduction for homeowners," Crist said. "And I believe it will, from what I've seen." more.

Lawmakers' Plans Would Cut Premiums

The Tampa Tribune - January 11, 2007
Homeowners insurance rates could drop 33 percent to 40 percent starting in July under a plan unveiled by the state Senate on Wednesday...
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Excerpt from Gov. Crist's Inaugural Address:

"Two weeks from today the Legislature will convene in a special session to address the insurance crisis. I pledge the full resources of my office to work with the leaders of the House and the Senate along with our new chief financial officer to bring our people the relief that they need and deserve."

Read more about what Gov. Charlie Crist said about the insurance crisis in his inaugural address.

Legislators to talk insurance
ST. PETERSBURG Times - November 30, 2006
A special session starting in January will likely focus on rates and the role of Citizens. Some question how much can get done in one more.

Insurance plan stirs outrage
ST. PETERSBURG Times - November 18, 2006
The cause of all the angst is tucked deep inside Senate Bill 1980, a major piece of insurance reform legislation passed last May by the Florida Legislature more.

See how Tampa Bay area Legislators voted for the property insurance reform bill (Senate Bill 1980).

Citizens may seek record rate hike

Most of Citizens Property Insurance Corp.'s 1.3-million policyholders could be hit by a proposed 55.8 percent average statewide rate increase starting March 1 because of a change in state more.

Citizens proposal - to hit commercial policyholders with a statewide average 610% increase in March.

In coastal Pinellas, the county's 561 commercial property owners who have Citizens policies could see their premiums jump 969%.

Crist defers to Bush on insurance
ST. PETERSBURG Times - November 09, 2006
The governor-elect won't meddle in a special session that is expected before he takes office. If you want to see Charlie Crist take the lead on Florida's insurance crisis, you'll have to wait 51 days...
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Self-Storage Industry Jolted By Insurance Problems
The Tampa Tribune - October 6, 2006
Despite never having filed a claim with her insurer, her commercial coverage was not renewed. She found a new carrier, but the annual insurance premium on the 475-unit storage center increased to $87,000. That's more than a five-fold increase from the $16,000 she paid her former more.

Homeowners Group Taking Insurance Fight To Streets
The Tampa Tribune - October 1, 2006
They've packed town hall meetings and traveled to Tallahassee to protest on the capitol steps, barraged politicians with e-mail and phone calls and gathered thousands of signatures on a petition from outraged more.

Citizens Trims Proposed Insurance Rate Increase In Pasco, And Hernando
The Tampa Tribune - September 30, 2006
Citizens Property Insurance Corp. has moderated its rate increases for Pasco and Hernando counties, but residents still can expect to pay almost one-third more for their coverage more.

Citizens' sinkhole plan could cut rates
The St. Petersburg Times - September 30, 2006
Citizens Property Insurance proposes letting customers drop sinkhole coverage from their more. 

A warrior chosen for insurance battle
The St. Petersburg Times - September 27, 2006
County commissioners and activists fighting rising insurance rates finally found a man who might unite them: Timothy Volpe, a lawyer who successfully challenged high insurance rates in Monroe County more.

A fight over sinking homes
The St. Petersburg Times - September 25, 2006
Some homeowners in St. Petersburg say sinkholes are dooming their houses. Insurers are not so more.

Call special Legislature session now and pass pro-consumer insurance fix - September 24, 2006
Space Coast residents are overwhelmed with the skyrocketing cost of property insurance, with some annual bills coming in at $5,000, $6,000 and more.

State may revisit Citizens loophole
The St. Petersburg Times - September 23, 2006
More than 100,000 Florida homeowners, including some in the Tampa Bay area, have been caught in a loophole that allows a property insurance company to charge rates far higher than state-run Citizens Property Insurance more.

Homeowners take insurer to task
The St. Petersburg Times - September 20, 2006
Nationwide wants an average hike of 71 percent. At a public meeting, the company tastes residents' more.

Insurance crisis continues to impact the economy
Bay News 9 - September 20, 2006
Donna Cahill, a west Pasco real estate agent, said business has been rocky because of the growing trend. She illustrates how the insurance crisis is impacting the more.

The St. Petersburg Times - September 18, 2006
A panel of 15 is trying to fix the property insurance crisis. Trouble is, most have ties to the industry. more.

Insurance reform backers get help
The St. Petersburg Times - September 13, 2006
Petitions urging state leaders to stop Floridians' escalating homeowners insurance bills have been given to state Rep. John Legg after being kept under wraps this summer. more.

County to lobby for homeowner insurance rate changes
The Suncoast News - September 13, 2006
DADE CITY County leaders hope to enlist some help to convince regulators to lower homeowner insurance rates in Pasco County more.

Panel moves beyond theory
The St. Petersburg Times - September  8, 2006
Concrete proposals are offered as the state looks to revise insurance industry in deep crisis. more. 

Sinkhole rates could drop 14 percent
The St. Petersburg Times
September  7, 2006
Florida's insurance regulator will announce today that Pasco County will get a little relief on its property insurance bills. more.

Competition, plans needed in insurance game
The St. Petersburg Times
September 3, 2006
There are 115,000 foreclosures in Florida, and 4,100 of them are in Pasco County. On Aug. 12, I attended a local Homeowners Against Citizens Insurance meeting. After asking a couple of key questions, I walked away from the meeting with some thoughts about the insurance problem. more.

Storm zeros in on Citizens' heart
The St. Petersburg Times - August 29, 2006
Citizens Property Insurance is gaining unwanted insurance policies at an unprecedented rate of 17,000 a week. And that's not the bad news. more.

Tampa Bay Online - Aug 26, 2006
PALATKA - Perhaps Putnam County's motto should be, "Come for the old Florida charm; stay for the cheap property insurance." more.

Hefty Insurance Premiums Alter Lives - August 24, 2006

A relaxed retirement in friendly Florida? The traditional trip to family Christmas? Another car to replace the aging flivver? more.


Lawyers vs. insurers a stormy battle
The St. Petersburg Times - August 23, 2006
With the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina just days away, two groups with enormous financial stakes in the plight of hurricane victims - insurance companies and trial more.

Put people in office who will fix insurance crisis
The St. Petersburg Times
- August 22, 2006

The last word on the insurance crisis is - politicians. The only way to begin solving this problem is with our votes. more.


State-run insurer for businesses now open
The St. Petersburg Times - August 19, 2006
The state-run insurer for businesses that can't find property coverage in the marketplace just went from temporary to more.



FIRM Celebrates Wind Win with Parade - August 19, 2006
Insurance regulators focusing on Citizens rate proposals more.


The St. Petersburg Times - Aug 16, 2006
The state's new hurricane mitigation program promises lower insurance rates to those who make their homes storm-proof. But nobody told insurers how much the savings had to more.


The St. Petersburg Times - Aug 10, 2006, in PDF format.



What voters want is policy on insurers

The St. Petersburg Times - August 10, 2006
Of all the crises in Florida, none can make candidates squirm more than being asked about homeowners more.

Broker packages insurance, home sale
The St. Petersburg Times - August 4, 2006
After watching real estate deals collapse because potential buyers couldn't find or afford property insurance, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Inc. decided to more.

Coldwell Banker offers insurance in Florida
The Business Journal of Jacksonville - August 03, 2006
Some insurance companies many be pulling out of Florida, but Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate is coming more.


Foreclosures on the rise in Pasco
Bay News 9 - July 19, 2006
Call it the bust after the boom. Losing a home for failing to keep up with the mortgage is a growing trend, a trend Pasco County is trying to slow with its foreclosure prevention more.

On June 27, 2006, Governor Jeb Bush released Executive Order 06-150 creating the Florida Property and Casualty Insurance Reform Committee. To find out more here is the link to the Florida Insurance Reform website.

State insurer has a fight on its hands
The St. Petersburg Times - May 24, 2006
They don't take over government offices or wave banners on street corners, and there are no plans to publicly burn their Citizens Property Insurance policies. But that may be more.  

State House begins looking into the ills of
Citizens Insurance Company
The Palm Beach Post - 10/19/2005 
Legislators took their first crack Tuesday at what is expected to be a months-long look into the inner workings and failures of Citizens Property Insurance more.

Citizens Insurance Head Wants Stricter more.
The Tampa Tribune
- 10/19/2005


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