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It doesn't matter if you are a homeowner, renter, condo owner, business owner, etc., or who your insurer might be. This petition is for everyone in Florida no matter what county you are in.
This petition calls for all rate increases from all insurers be rescinded back to Jan. 1, 2005, until a full investigation can be done on Citizens Property Insurance and the insurance industry in general throughout Florida. While we seem to concentrate on Citizens we do not stop there, the other insurance companies are all included in our protest, they are all equally guilty, Citizens just happens to "set the bar" and has the most blatant problems.

The economy of Florida simply does not show that it will support the current or proposed property  insurance increases. If the people don't earn enough money to pay their insurance rates and still have enough income left over to take care of necessary living expenses what will be the outcome?

HAC Petition Drive Continues

Due to the tremendous response to our Petition and great possibility that a special session will be held, we have made a decision to continue circulating our Petition after August 31, 2006. On our last count we had over 20,000 signatures collected from all areas of Florida. We have entered round three of our petition drive. We will continue collecting signatures until October 31, 2006.

For all who have been asking how they can help our cause, here is your chance. Download the petition, make copies and fill pages with signatures. Then return to HAC by October 31, 2006 for us to present to Gov. Jeb Bush and the Legislature.

We are asking that they be returned to us via
US Postal Service:
H.A.C., P.O. Box 395, Port Richey, Fl 34673

If you don't have Adobe PDF Reader you can download it for free!


You can download this petition, print copies and get signatures in your area, no matter where you live in Florida. Then mail them back to us. Hopefully this will help our fight against these insurance increases we are all facing.




You can download this flyer, print copies and distribute in your area. This will help to spread the word and help our fight against these insurance increases we are all facing. HAC will have the flyer in Portuguese soon.




For more information or to join/donate to H.A.C. Florida, Inc.,
contact us at: H.A.C., P.O. Box 395, Port Richey, FL 34673
Fax: 727-863-7073 ~ Email: